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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Black Sabbath Still Black Sabbath?

     Bill Ward is not in the band... So is Black Sabbath still the same with out him. I don't think so! It is just strange that his is not apart of the band. He is one of the original members and he is not doing it because of money??

     We at least he is being sorta up front about it. But the fact that Black Sabbath is not paying him enough is it there fault? or Bill's?

     I feel that Black Sabbath will not be that the same and I hope that don't try and call this reunion, when everyone knows that it is not.

     Hear is the video that I uploaded sorta talking about the matter:

What do you think about the matter??

Is Black Sabbath Still Black Sabbath with out Bill Ward?

Do you think that the album will be any good?

Thanks for reading and watching!

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