Everything Heavy Metal: Metallica 3D movie? Why?

Metallica 3D movie? Why?

     So this is sorta of old new, I guess by now. But why come out with a 3D movie Metallica? I am waiting for the next album not for you'r next movie. It is awesome that they are putting out in 3D. But unless the concert was shot with 3D cameras then I don't think that it is going to look that good... But then again I don't make films I just watch them.

     I just feel that I want them to come out with another album not all these live DVDs. Not saying that the DVDs are not good. I Just makes me feel like there putting off these album for as long as they can. But they are touring a lot.

     Anyways are you ready for Metallica's new album?

     Are you going to watch the 3D film? Heck I will!

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