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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ACHERON Completed recording process for Kult Des Hasses


Black Death Metal Thrash demons ACHERON have completed the recording process for their upcoming Listenable Records release, Kult Des Hasses.The album is now set to enter the mixing and mastering phase. 


ACHERON will be doing a mini-tour with INCANTATION in late July. The band has enlisted DISMEMBERMENT guitarist Jacob Shively to fill the slot of second guitarist. When asked if Shively would be their new permanent second guitarist, ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley stated, "Jacob is a talented guitarist and fan of the band. His group DISMEMBERMENT opened for ACHERON a few times and I really liked them. That is why I asked him about filling in. But we are taking baby steps. We've learned from past experiences not to just give hire someone right away. For now he is playing with us for all upcoming live shows. We'll just have to see if it progresses into something more. But we are indeed open to the idea if the dedication and chemistry is there."


ACHERON will also head to Germany to headline the Death Doomed the Age Fest in September and and return in October for the Under the Banner of the Black Light fest. 

Confirmed ACHERON Live Dates:
07/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
07/19 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ INCANTATION
07/20 - Providence, RI @ Fete w/ INCANTATION
09/06 - Lichtenfels, Germany @ Death Doomed the Age Fest - 
10/12 - Gieben, Germany @ Under the Banner of the Black Light fest - link 

Jacob Shively 

Vincent Crowley - bass, vocals
Kyle Severn - drums
Art Taylor - Guitar 

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle 
ClawHammer PR
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