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Distured's Frontman Producing Trivium Upcoming Album?

     Yes it is true, David  Draiman is producing Trivium's new album. Is this a sign that Trivium will try to be more mainstream? Or is Trivium just trying to add a Big Name person to the albums so it can get more media attention?

     Well it is not like Trivium isn't going bad. With three albums (In Waves, Shogun, and The Crusade all come into the top 25 of the Billboard Top 200 and all last about 4 weeks. But are they looking for a number 1? Looking for an album to last more than 4 weeks? Well they try to go mainsteam to get this? And that is asking to those people who don't already think that Trivium is already in the mainstream.

     And a lot of people are still waiting for them to stop sounding like Metallica and create there own sound. Then again people think that have created it.

     But bringing David is just them trying to make a good album and an album that sells. Well they keep making the same music or will they take a different route, we wont know till the album comes out.

So until then, do you think that this is a good move? Do think the band's sound will change? Looking forward to there new album?

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Article: http://www.metalinjection.net/shocking-revelations/disturbeds-david-draiman-producing-new-trivium-album

Daily Album Reviewe: S/T EP by Corpseflesh

     When I first started listening to this albumt, I was expecting too much from it. And I don't know when I am going to learn the lesson. This album was pretty good. It is a Brutal Death/Grind Metal album. I am not that big fan of Grind but I feel that this album leans more to the Death Metal than Grind.

Overall if you like Death Metal or Grind Metal then you should give this album a try. But I believe that it will go mre towards the Death Metal fans. I don't know how the Grind Metal fans will feel about this.

Rating 7.5/10

Link to my full review: youtube.com/watch?v=_f7QmMInyNA

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Daily Album Review: Weight of the World by Carry Your Ghost

     When ever I listen to a Metalcore album I just pray that is sounds different from every other Metalcore band out there, and most of the time my prays go unanswered. But with this band my prays were sorta answered.

     They have to sound of Metalcore but to me the some a little different then a lot of the Metalcore band out there right now. And I started to like it. This album grew on me, I really didn't start liking the album till the 5th or 6th song on the first go around but on the second and third go try with this album I really started to like this album!

     I give this album a rating of 7 out of 10. Which any rating that is higher than 5 I think of it as a pretty good rating.

     Watch the video below for my full review

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Album Review: Newsted's Metal EP

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Interview: When the Deadbolt Breaks

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/When-the-Deadbolt-Breaks/181287835243416?fref=ts
Website: http://www.whenthedeadboltbreaks.com

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New U.D.O. guitarist confirmed!

We are very proud to officially announce our new band member ANDREY
SMIRNOV. It was a long search and we met a lot of talented musicians. But
at the end it was an easy decision since Andrey is the perfect fit for the
band (as a friend and as a musician). Everybody in the band and around is
very happy to have met Andrey just in perfect timing.

Andrey Smirnov (born December 31st, 1983) is the Russian rock musician,
multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter who is the lead vocalist,
guitarist, primary songwriter and founder of the Russian modern metal band
EVERLOST. He is also the session guitarist of Paul Di'anno, Blaze Bayley
(ex-Iron Maiden) and once was a part of famous Russian metal bands
Master, Epidemia and few others. Andrey is the well respected studio
musician. His major label releases only in 2012 consist of Everlost single,
famous Russian rock star Artur Berkut album, popular Soviet hair-metal
legend of the 80th Galaxy and his own solo album "Adrenaline". For most of
these albums Andrey worked as the sound-producer, arranger and guitarist.
Also, for the last few years Smirnov is touring guitarist of Russian retro-heroes

Andrey was with us in the studio recording the new album and was already a
very important part of team. His live debut with U.D.O. will be the US tour
scheduled for April. The band is really looking forward to come back to
their fans in the US after such a long time. Even better to present
something very special to the US fans now.

U.D.O. live in the US

    09.04.2013 Di USA-Amityville, NY Ollies Point
    10.04.2013 Mi USA-New York, NY The Gramcery
    11.04.2013 Do USA-Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    12.04.2013 Fr CAN-Montreal, QUE Le Foufones Electrique
    13.04.2013 Sa CAN-St. Ferdinand, QUE Style Metal
    14.04.2013 So CAN-Toronto, ONT Mod Club
    17.04.2013 Mi USA-Madison, WI The Hights Events Center
    18.04.2013 Do USA-Cleveland, OH Peabody´s
    19.04.2013 Fr USA-Detroit, MI Harpos
    20.04.2013 Sa USA-Joliet, IL Mojoes
    21.04.2013 So USA-Seattle, WA Studio Seven
    22.04.2013 Mo Day off Day off
    23.04.2013 Di USA-West Hollywood, CA Whisky-A-GO-GO

Original site: http://www.itm-agency.com/

Is Black Sabbath Still Black Sabbath?

     Bill Ward is not in the band... So is Black Sabbath still the same with out him. I don't think so! It is just strange that his is not apart of the band. He is one of the original members and he is not doing it because of money??

     We at least he is being sorta up front about it. But the fact that Black Sabbath is not paying him enough is it there fault? or Bill's?

     I feel that Black Sabbath will not be that the same and I hope that don't try and call this reunion, when everyone knows that it is not.

     Hear is the video that I uploaded sorta talking about the matter:

What do you think about the matter??

Is Black Sabbath Still Black Sabbath with out Bill Ward?

Do you think that the album will be any good?

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Metallica 3D movie? Why?

     So this is sorta of old new, I guess by now. But why come out with a 3D movie Metallica? I am waiting for the next album not for you'r next movie. It is awesome that they are putting out in 3D. But unless the concert was shot with 3D cameras then I don't think that it is going to look that good... But then again I don't make films I just watch them.

     I just feel that I want them to come out with another album not all these live DVDs. Not saying that the DVDs are not good. I Just makes me feel like there putting off these album for as long as they can. But they are touring a lot.

     Anyways are you ready for Metallica's new album?

     Are you going to watch the 3D film? Heck I will!

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Interview: Nimh Stil

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