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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cruz del Sur Music to Release BATTLEROAR's "Blood of Legends" May 6 in North America

Cruz del Sur Music has set a May 6 North American release date for "Blood of Legends", the fourth studio album from Greek Heavy Metal force BATTLEROAR.

Going strong for 13 years now, BATTLEROAR represents the peak, the most sublime act of the Greek Heavy Metal movement. Commitment to the cause, dedication and inspiration have brought the band to the highest place among Greek fans, as well as being one of the most-respected Epic Metal acts in Europe.  

"Blood of Legends" breaks six years of silence for the band since releasing "To Battle and Beyond". During that period BATTLEROAR has experienced the departure of three key members, all of whom have been replaced with three equally accomplished musicians that have brought new blood, creative ideas, and renewed inspiration for the group. Recorded at Devasoundz studio in Athens, "Blood of Legends" is an album of pure Epic Metal. Full of compelling atmosphere with lyrics deeply absorbed in Greek mythology, and supported by violins and soprano vocals, "Blood of Legends" is a welcome return!

The Swords are Drawn
Poisoned Well
Blood of Legends
Immortal Chariot
The Curse of Medea
Valkyries Above
Chivalry (Noble Armor)
Exile Eternal
Relentless Waves

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