Everything Heavy Metal: AD PATRES To Release Scorn Aesthetics on Limited-Edition Cassette

AD PATRES To Release Scorn Aesthetics on Limited-Edition Cassette

Kaotoxin Records has announced the release of AD PATRES' monstrous debut full-length, Scorn Aesthetics, as a limited-edition -100 copies only - cassette tape.

Specially mastered at the Ubik studio for this physical support and featuring a bonus track taken from their 2010 promo, the cassette is set for release this quarter. The bonus track, "To the Fathers," is a demo version featuring both Axel Doussaud (the band's current singer) and Julien Lemasson (ex-I.O.S.T., former Ad Patres singer and founding member) on vocals and. Fully remastered, this version of the track differs from the one appearing on the band's promo CD-R and split tape with USA's Writhing; released in 2012 by Nihilistic Holocaust.

Scorn Aesthetics, recorded by Mathieu Pascal of Gorod at the Bud studio and released in September 2012, put AD PATRES on the global metal map. The band was quickly recognized as one of the best Death Metal newcomers with rave reviews and several appearances on year's end 'Best of...' lists: Album of the year at Nihil Verum Nisi Mors; Top Ten at CoreAndCo, 2012 Revelation at Thrashocore, 6th best French Metal album of 2012 at Metal Sickness, several staff picks at VS Webzine, 9/10 by Pest Webzine, The RingMaster Review, The Whiplasher and more.

This third cassette tape release by Kaotoxin marks the starting point of a series of limited edition cassette tape re-releases of all of the label's back-catalog of full-length albums. Expect more in the coming months by the likes of Antropofago, Dehuman, Drawers, Eye Of Solitude, Insain, Nephren-Ka, Nolentia, Savage Annihilation, We All Die (laughing) and more!

Check out the music video [NSFW] for album track "Scars of Compromise" HERE.

For Kaotoxin releases and merch, visit shop.kaotoxin.com.

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