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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Album Review: On Earth by JUPITER ZEUS


Band: Jupiter Zeus
Album: On Earth
Genre: Psychedelic Space Doom Rock
Release Date: 11 March 2014
Track List:
1 Waves
2 Over
3 Cosmic Rays
4 I Am
5 Psychotic Seeds
6 Talkback Caller
7 Divinity
8 The Sum Of
9 Co-Creators 
10 Waiting In A Line
11 State Of Mind  
Bio: Tucked away in Perth, Western Australia, Jupiter Zeus are the very definition of a band who seem to have come from nowhere... but their arrival - laden with walls of guitar, hypnotic rhythms and almost psychedelic vocals – is far from quiet. Debuting with the stunning Green Mosquito EP, it’s quite apparent that Jupiter Zeus aren’t exactly first timers. Their previous incarnation, Nebula, boasted a similarly cosmic slant to the heavier side of rock, and the band were pioneering in breaking ground in South East Asia, earning solid fan-bases in Indonesia and Malaysia. With a similarly global scope, but the advantage of experience at their disposal, Jupiter Zeus are looking past the horizon of the Indian Ocean to a big world of endless possibilities.
At its heart, the band’s music is about songs... epic, soaring and teaming with hooks. The decorations they put on these songs – tastes of the last 30 years of rock music – identify and define the band on a more specific, potent level. Atoms of worlds colliding, exploding into new compounds and creating new life. A self-evolving universe of sound. From the stage or simply blasting in your car; the sound of Jupiter Zeus is as monolithic and grand as their namesakes.

Before Listening: First off, before I listened to this album I noticed one thing that stood out and the was the Genre of this album, Psychedelic Space Doom Rock. I don't believe I have ever heard anything that sounded like this genre; so this is something new for me. But other than that I have never listened to this band before, so I could be in for a treat.

Review (Based On Listening to the Album One Time): Well I have to say that I really enjoyed this album. It is something that sounds so unique but not too strange that the average fan won't like it. You can here the Psychedelic and the Doom Rock in the song. This album well be great for Rock fans of theses genres and Metal fans. If you are trying to start to listen to Doom Metal then this would not be a bad album to start with. Overall it is a great album and is worth your time to buy.

Rating: 8/10
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