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Friday, May 9, 2014

Album Review: A Discouraged Believer by DECEMBRE NOIR


Title: A Discouraged Believer 
Release Date: May 9th. 2014 
Genre: Death/Doom Metal 

Melancholic, outstanding and incredible emotional Death/ Doom Metal from Thuringia (Germany). FDA Rekotz is proud to present DECEMBRE NOIR's first full-length album “A Discouraged Believer”. There's something special in their music that would appeal to every metal fan. The album features seven entrancing compositions will draw you into their spell and was produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Dietz & Project Mayhem (Heaven Shall Burn).

Decembre Noir comes highly recommended for fans of early Opeth, Katatonia, October Tide and My Dying Bride.

01.- A Discouraged Believer 
02.- Thorns 
03.- The Forsaken Earth 
04.- Decembre Noir 
05.- Stowaway 
06.- Resurrection 
07.- Escape To The Sun 

Sebastian - Guitar 
Martin - Guitar 
Kevin - Drums 
Lars - Vocals 
Mike - Bass 

First off I just want to say if this is there first full-length album then they are going in the right direction! This is a solid album from start to finish. At first I thought that I was not going to like this album because a lot of Doom Metal songs trend to drag. The songs are long but they don't feel like, as in the don't just keep dragging on and on and on. Stowaway is almost a 10 minute song doesn't even feel like 10 minutes (And with a very peaceful exit in the song). It is a very well made album and this is a must have for any fans of Death and/or Doom Metal fans. But I have a feeling that fans of both of these genres will love this album. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album ASAP!

Favorite Songs: You are going to feel like I am cheating you be saying this but I love this whole album from start to finish. It was really hard to pick one song over another.

Rating: 8.5/10 

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