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Thursday, October 30, 2014

CORSAIR Release Album Trailer Video for 'One Eyed Horse'

US-based prog rock/metal outfit CORSAIR have released an trailer video for upcoming Shadow Kingdom Records release One Eyed Horse. Check it out at this location.

One Eyed Horse is scheduled for a January 2015 release. The video documents the brief but diligent sessions at the White Star Sound studio, located on a beautiful rural farm in central Virginia. It serves as a window into the making of the album with in-studio footage coupled at times with raw audio of the basic tracks straight from the board. Artfully done by CORSAIR's friend and colleague Matthew Gatto, it's a short glimpse designed to drum up interest and promote the album preceding its release.

 CORSAIR are a heavy, dual guitar driven band based out of Charlottesville, VA. Active since 2008, with two EPs, one full length and upcoming full-length One Eyed Horse to be released by Shadow Kingdom Records. This past year has been particularly busy with studio time in December '13 and January '14, a European tour February through March, and the late spring/summer spent mixing and mastering. Onward we go!

Praise for CORSAIR

"This co-ed Virginia quartet's first full-length is as confident and realized a debut as has come down the metal pike in many a moon. Two instrumentals ignite midway between '70s fusion and '80s Metallica; seven songs with words alternately set mythic D&D play-by-play to relaxed NWOBHM or the toastiness, tunefulness, rhythm and calm of classic Thin Lizzy. Criss-crossing guitars of Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin warm prog intricacy with blues á la the great lost Chicago band Winterhawk. Landragin finally takes vocal reins in "The Desert," and closes the set traversing Yes-like topography."- Chuck Eddy, Rhapsody

"The Ghosts of Proxima Centauri are plenty haunting, and one gets the sense that Corsair have the means to make the most of their growth in the time to come. Hope to catch them at Beta Centauri or coming to a star system near you."

"At the intersection of Clutch, Thin Lizzy and Hawkwind lies Corsair, with their beautifully vintage guitar tones, emphasis on often-harmonized leads and solos, drifting and yet energetic prog-jam tendencies, and hints of hazy psychedelia." - Last Rites

"Ghosts of Proxima Centauri is unique work I can't recommend highly enough - I mean, Slough Feg, Falcon AND ELO?? Get outta here! Great, unique sound, 'Adventure Rock' supreme!!" - Hellride Music

"Yes: beautiful, is not Ynwie-Malmsteen-dudelig. We are talking about very tasteful, fresh, intelligent composed riffs that you want to hear again and again. So was the 1983 Iron Maiden also: They wanted to replace the same record over and over again. And so what happens truly not often nowadays!" [9/10] 
 - Fenriz, Rock Hard

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