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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Album Review: Warm Winter Day By Shiran


Band: Shiran
Album: Warm Winter Day EP
Release Date: November 15, 2014
Genre: Metal
Label: Self-Released 

Warm Winter Day
The Child
Glint of Light
Burden’s Off

If this is going to be the band's first release, then I can't wait to hear more!

This album starts off heavy with the intro to "Remain." I love albums that start you off wanting to headbang. Then once the first verse comes in it slows up the pace of the song but then picks up when the chorus comes in. The self-titled track "Warm Winter Day" is a really good mix of hard riffs mixed with melodic vocals. Really that is want this band is good at; having the melodic voice over the hard and heavy riffs. The intro to "Glint of Light" has to be my favorite of the album. They way that is has the soft intro then her vocals kick in; after that the pace picks up.

Overall this is a well put together album. Everything sounds clean and well mixed. The instruments don't over power the vocals and the vocals don't take too much from the instruments. This being there first album release I have a feeling they are going to be around for a good while.

This album has a good mixture of genres. At some point I think I am listen to Djent but then all of a sudden I think I am listen to Power Metal. They just have a will mix of material in the album. And because of that it was really hard for me to pick my favorite song out of this EP. Every song is Unique and it will keep the listener wanting to more.

This EP will be something that I will be adding to my collection.

Rating: 9/10

Favorite Songs: ALL

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