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Monday, November 3, 2014

PUTRID OFFAL Release 'Suffering EP' on Kaotoxin Records / New Full-Length & Career Compilation Out Feb 10, 2015

Kaotoxin Records has released Suffering, the new EP from legendary French Goregrinders PUTRID OFFAL. Stream and/or purchase the EP exclusively at this location The EP will be available for worldwide digital purchase on February 10, 2015 at i-Tunes and other digital retailers.

Kaotoxin Records will also release new PUTRID OFFAL full-length Mature Necropsy and compilation Premature Necropsy digitally on February 10, 2015. A specialist 2-CD version of Mature Necropsy, which will also include Premature Necropsy, will be released on the same day.

You got a taste of Suffering from Kaotoxin label sampler  Weapons of Self-Destruction and now the body bag is wide open! Limited to 1,000 copies, the double-CD first press will feature the Mature Necropsy album, along with two bonus cover versions and Premature Necropsy, a compilation of all of the band's 90s material remastered, while digital versions will be made available separately (without the bonus cover versions). Mature Necropsy features a total of 15 tracks for more than 34 minutes of gory art (including the two bonus cover versions) and is made of all of the band's material (de)composed throughout the 90s, completely re-recorded in 2014 with special guest vocals by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and Frédéric Blauwblomme (Noise Emission Control, ex-Krhomadeath, ex-Corruption). Mastered by El Mobo at the Conkrete Studio (We All Die (laughing), Otargos...), the release marks the 25-year anniversary of the band and is a completely rewritten and up-to-date piece of merciless Goregrind that even those just now discovering PUTRID OFFAL will adore!

Premature Necropsy is a completely remastered collection of all of the band's original material from the 90s, including their 1991 Unformed demo, their 1991 At the Stench of the Foul Offal split with Agathocles and their part of the 1992 Obscurum per Obscurius compilation CD (that also featured the likes of Supuration, Krhomadeath and many more) for a total of 18 tracks in more than 38 minutes of early Goregrind history!

1. Suffering (2014 version, taken from
Mature Necropsy) 
2. Suffering (2014 demo version)* 
3. Suffering (1991 version, taken from
Premature Necropsy) 
4. Livor Mortis*

* both tracks exclusive to this release, "Livor Mortis" being the very first Putrid Offal original released in 20 years.

1. Purulent Cold
2. Garroting Way
3. Mortuary Garlands
4. Gurgling Prey
5. Repulsive Corpse
6. Suffering
7. From Plasma to Embalming
8. Organic Excavation
9. Premature Necropsy
10. Symptom
11. Rotted Flesh
12. Birth Remains
13. Outro
14. Freddy Kruger (S.O.D. Cover)
15. Sane Men (Nerve Cover)

CD2: Premature Necropsy
1. Purulent Cold
2. Repulsive Corpse
3. Premature Necropsy
4. Rotten Flesh
5. Symptom
6. Garroting Way
7. Suffering
8. Mortuary Garlands
9. Outro
10. Mortuary Garlands
11. From Plasma to Embalming
12. Gurgling Prey
13. Birth Remains
14. Organic Excavation
15. Gurgling Prey
16. Oscillococcinum
17. Purulent Cold
18. Rotten Flesh

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