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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Random Album Review: Pride of Texas by Texas Hippie Coalition


Band: Texas Hippie Coalition
Album: Pride of Texas
Released: February 12, 2008
Genre: Heavy Metal, Red Dirt
Label: Independent 
Producer: David Prater

No Shame
Clenched Fist
Pissed Off and Mad About It
Troublesome Times
Drug Dealer
Texas Tags

So I am going into this album like I do with mostly all my Random Album Reviews and that is not ever listening to the band before. I have heard good things about this band but I never really got a chance to listen to them; I am glad I did.

This band has a little Pantera feel to it, I mean I read somewhere that the song Clenched Fist is a tribute to "Dimebag." But it is not a band that feels like a clone of Pantera. They make it there own. I enjoyed listening to this album. It has some good riffs and solos. I love the vocals in this album. Just everything goes so well together.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite Songs: Clenched Fist, Drug Dealer, Texas Tags, Leavin', Closure
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