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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Launched on November 24 and successfully finalized within days, the crowdfunding campaign for THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK and WE ALL DIE (laughing)'s Ausstellung limited-edition split EP was a fantastic success.

Kaotoxin is now proud to announce the immediate release of both a free digital EP from THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK, titled Noise in the Church, and its video counterpart in the form of two brand new music videos for the two live songs featured on the EP.

Mastered by R3myboy (Gojira, Ez3kiel...), Noise in the Church consists in two tracks recorded live in July 2014 in a deconsecrated church. The performance was filmed by Attic Addict. The live tracks - "Salvation", off the band's upcoming debut full-length, Blackened Vision, and "The Dreamcatcher", from their 2013 debut  Hand of Glory - make Noise in the Church the perfect missing link between what was and what will be.

As raw as heavy, the performance is bombastic and chaotic yet addictive and mesmerizing: Noise in the Church, both the EP and videos, is the perfect rendition of all what THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK is about! Get the FREE digital EP  here!

Music video links:
"Salvation" - 
"The Dreamcatcher" -

Salvation [live]
The Dreamcatcher [live]
Mein Gebush hat Hünger*
      *bonus demo track recorded in 2009

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