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Belgian Death Metallers RESISTANCE announce new album details and UK Tour

Death Metal Chuggers RESISTANCE have announced the artwork and title of their forthcoming fifth studio album. Titled, The Seeds Within, the album will be released later this year under a label to be announced.

The band has posted a studio trailer for The Seeds Within at this location.

Guitarist Oli Dris commented about the album: "The CD elaborates the human race and its defects. How we desperately seek forgiveness, how coward we are towards our reality. The lyrical content is heavy and depressive. It metaphorically pictures how helpless we are facing whatever comes at us. The music is structured and shaped around this concept. Rhythm is the essence but melody plays its part bringing freshness when needed and making the listener's journey flawless. More brutal, more aggressive and heavier than ever, Resistance matured and will crush!"  

The Seeds Within line up.

PXérus Liévin: Vocals

Olivier Dris: Rhythm guitar
Shaun Van Calster: Lead guitar
Benoit Sizaire: Bass
Jonas Sanders: Drums

In other news, RESISTANCE has announced a nine-date UK tour, which kicks off on April 18 in Stoke. Dates are as follows:

4/18 - STOKE @ The Rigger
4/19 - BOLTON @ The Alma Inn
4/21- LEICESTER @ The Shed
4/22 - BOSTON @ Axe
4/23 - HIGH WYCOMBE @ Scorpios
4/24 - HULL @ White Rooms
4/25 - SWANSEA @ Neath Duke
4/26 - TELFORD @ Haygate
4/27 - WAKEFIELD @ Snooty Fox

Check out the official video for "Hordes of the Damned" taken from the band's 2012 release, To Judge and Enslave at this location.    

For more on RESISTANCE, visit:

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BLOODSOAKED: "Consuming Europe" Tour Starts Next Week; New Song and Video Released

U.S Death Metal Unit BLOODSOAKED are gearing up for the 2014 "Consuming Europe" tour with SHORT FUSE, INSATANITY, AITTALA and AGE OF ARES.

The tour, which kicks off on Thursday, April 3 in Berlin, Germany, comes ahead of the release of BLOODSOAKED's forthcoming album, Religious Apocalypse, out later this year on Comatose Music. The title track from the album has been posted as an official music video and streaming audio at the links below:

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqW9ihGZXMQ
Song stream: bloodsoaked.net/track/606756/religious-apocalypse

"Consuming Europe" 2014 Tour dates are as follows:
3-April - Berlin, Ger @ Blackland
4-April Weissenfels, Ger @ Schlosskeller
5-April Greifswald, Ger @ Klex
6-April Katowice, Pol @ Pub Korba
7-April Poznan, Pol @ Klub u Bazyla
8-April Leipzig, Ger @ 4Rooms
9-April Amsterdam, NL @ The Cave
10-April Paris, FR @ Le Klub
11-April Renchen, Ger @ Come-Inn
12-April Winschoten, NL @ Boelies Pub

BLOODSOAKED's last recorded output came in the form of The Death of Hope, released in 2011 via Comatose Music. That album, along with 2009's Sadistic Greed...Grotesque Memories are streaming in full at www.bloodsoaked.stereokiller.com. 

Both titles and more from BLOODSOAKED are available at www.comatosemusic.com.


Links for "Consuming Europe" support acts:



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DARKEST ERA Reveal Artwork and Track Listing for Severance

Northern Ireland's Darkest Era have revealed the cover artwork and track listing for their forthcoming album Severance which is due for release on June 3rd (US) and June 13th (Europe) via Cruz Del Sur. The album was recorded at Data Recording Studios in Ballyheigue, Ireland and produced by Chris Fielding and Darkest Era. The artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu.

Guitarist Ade Mulgrew said: "We are really pleased with the artwork which totally captures the atmosphere of this album. Costin has a unique style and immediately got what we were looking for. Severance was recorded during what was a pretty stormy time in the band and against the backdrop of some very atmospheric natural scenery in one of the remotest parts of the west of Ireland. I think all that certainly comes across in the music and we are looking forward to finally unleashing it this summer."
The track listing for Severance is:
  • Sorrow's Boundless Realm
  • Songs Of Gods And Men
  • The Serpent And The Shadow
  • Beyond The Grey Veil
  • Trapped In The Hourglass
  • The Scavenger
  • A Thousand Screaming Souls
  • Blood, Sand And Stone

  • Severance  will be released June 13 in Europe and June 3 in North America on CD, vinyl and digital formats.
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    VESTAL CLARET: The Cult of Vestal Claret to be Released May 6 in North America on Cruz del Sur Music

    U.S. Occult Heavy Metallers VESTAL CLARET will release The Cult of Vestal Claret through Cruz del Sur Music on May 6 in North America. The album will be available on CD and vinyl LP formats; each with different track listings.

    The Cult of Vestal Claret introduces to the masses a name that thus far has been quite popular only amongst the die-hard fans of the doom metal scene. In fact, Swanson is well renowned for his work with HOUR OF 13 and SEAMOUNT. VESTAL CLARET's pronounced BLACK SABBATH-inspiration together with Swanson's signature doomy style perfectly blends with the band's Traditional Heavy Metal influences, not to mention an accomplished drumming style, cutting guitars and catchy compositions. The morbid-themed lyrics walk hand in hand with the mesmerizing music: VESTAL CLARET celebrates the dark side of the human psyche, with abundant references to Occultism, Satanism and other disturbing imagery.

    The compact disc edition includes newly recorded versions of four previously-released tracks from the split with UNGOD, and the long suite "Black Priest" (a different, re-recorded version from the one present on the split with Indian band ALBATROSS). The CD also contains two unreleased songs, a cover version of BLACK SABBATH's "Who Are You?" and an exclusive CD-only track, "Great Goat God." The vinyl LP includes two songs from the UNGOD split, the two unreleased tracks, and an exclusive vinyl-only track titled "So Mote it Be."

    CD Edition:
    Never Say No
    Three and Three Are Six
    The Cult of the Vestal
    Great Goat God
    The Demon and the Deceiver
    Piece of Meat
    Black Priest
    Who Are You
    The Stranger  

    Vinyl Edition:
    Never Say No Again
    Three and Three Are Six
    The Cult of the Vestal
    The Stranger
    So Mote it Be


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    Cruz del Sur Music to Release BATTLEROAR's "Blood of Legends" May 6 in North America

    Cruz del Sur Music has set a May 6 North American release date for "Blood of Legends", the fourth studio album from Greek Heavy Metal force BATTLEROAR.

    Going strong for 13 years now, BATTLEROAR represents the peak, the most sublime act of the Greek Heavy Metal movement. Commitment to the cause, dedication and inspiration have brought the band to the highest place among Greek fans, as well as being one of the most-respected Epic Metal acts in Europe.  

    "Blood of Legends" breaks six years of silence for the band since releasing "To Battle and Beyond". During that period BATTLEROAR has experienced the departure of three key members, all of whom have been replaced with three equally accomplished musicians that have brought new blood, creative ideas, and renewed inspiration for the group. Recorded at Devasoundz studio in Athens, "Blood of Legends" is an album of pure Epic Metal. Full of compelling atmosphere with lyrics deeply absorbed in Greek mythology, and supported by violins and soprano vocals, "Blood of Legends" is a welcome return!

    The Swords are Drawn
    Poisoned Well
    Blood of Legends
    Immortal Chariot
    The Curse of Medea
    Valkyries Above
    Chivalry (Noble Armor)
    Exile Eternal
    Relentless Waves



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    SABBATORY Debut "Infantasy" with GunShyAssassin.com

    Winnipeg, Manitoba death metallers SABBATORY have teamed with GunShyAssassin.com for the exclusive world premiere of "Infantasy," taken from their upcoming debut full-length, Endless Asphyxiating Gloom.

    Damage your hearing at this location.

    Their band name may evoke Sabbat and their album title the Dutch masters Asphyx, but Winnipeg's SABBATORY really hew closer to two twin poles of ancient extremity: Teutonic death metal (Morgoth in particular) and the mighty Celtic Frost.  Somewhere in the dark territory between lies Endless Asphyxiating Gloom.

    SABBATORY have several years of experience playing live and recording a prior demo, and members have also played in numerous other Winnipeg acts, including the death/thrash machine Besieged.  Now their debut album is ready to be unleashed.  Expect nothing less than death the ancient way with well-honed riffs and tortured vocals from the depths.

    Endless Asphyxiating Doom is set for release on May 27 on Unspeakable Axe Records, with distribution coming from Dark Descent Records.

      "Sabbatory are the kind of band fans of Morgoth and Celtic Frost will no doubt dig. I know I'm now a fuckin' bona fide fan." - GunShyAssassin.com

    Sabbatory: www.facebook.com/pages/Sabbatory/302276589803917

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    LOUDBLAST Reveal Burial Ground Artwork and Unleash New Track

    Legendary French death metal band LOUDBLAST have posted a brand new track off their forthcoming long-player, Burial Ground.

    The song, "Ascending Straight in Circles," is now playing at this location.

    For a little eyecandy to go along with the aural pummeling, LOUDBLAST has revealed the cover art for Burial Ground. Done by Will Kuberski of Worthless Endeavors, the artist responsible for INCANTATION's Vanquish in Vengeance, the artwork can be seen below.

    A solid mix of classic and modern influences, the latest output from these death metal veterans dares transgressing their traditional thrash/death style of yore to achieve a much more malign yet as catchy sound. Burial Ground benefits from a massive production and sees the band evolving in further darker sounds while retaining the original 90s classic death metal roots.

    Burial Ground is set for North American release on June 10 via Listenable Records.
    Pre-orders are available at www.shop.listenable.net/49_loudblast.

    Photo credit: Anthony Dubois


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    DECEMBRE NOIR: "A Discouraged Believer" Coming May 9 on FDA Rekotz

    Depressive doom/death metal quintet DECEMBRE NOIR have announced the May 9 release of their long-awaited full-length debut, "A Discouraged Believer", on FDA Rekotz.

    Melancholic, outstanding and incredible emotional Death/ Doom Metal from Thuringia, Germany. FDA Rekotz is proud to present DECEMBRE NOIR's "A Discouraged Believer". There's something special in their music that would appeal to every metal fan. The album features seven entrancing compositions that will draw you into their spell and was produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) & Eike Freese Project Mayhem.

    The official music video for album track "Resurrection" is now playing HERE.

    DECEMBRE NOIR comes highly recommended for fans of early Opeth, Katatonia, October Tide, My Dying Bride. "A Discouraged Believer" will be out May 9 on digital, CD and vinyl formats. For pre-order information, visit www.fda-rekotz.com

    A Discouraged Believer
    The Forsaken Earth
    Decembre Noir
    Escape To The Sun


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    Band of the Week: Nomad

    Band: Nomad
    Year Created: 1994
    Active: Yes
    Genre: Death Metal
    Location: Poland
    Number of Releases: 6
    Number of Studio Albums: 5
    Number of Demos/EPs: 1
    Number of Live Albums: 0
    Active Line Up:
    DOMIN DOMINUS - drums
    Name of Releases:
    Disorder (Demo) - 1996
    The Tail of Substance - 1997
    The Devilish Whirl - 1999
    Demonic Verses (Blessed are Those Who Kill Jesus) - 2004
    The Independence of Observation Choice - 2007
    Transmigration of Consciousness - 2011

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    What is up "That Metal Nation" it is me, That Freakin' Metal Guy, and I am going to bring this website back. I have been away from this website for a while and I am going to try to get back in the swing of things!

    What will I be bring to this website. News, album reviews, interviews and a lot more. I am not trying to make this website the next be thing in Metal news, but I am trying to make this website a place where people can find new bands and enjoy Metal.

    I would like to thank the people who are wishing me the best of luck in trying to bring everything back. Much love!

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