Everything Heavy Metal: 2014-04-06

AD PATRES To Release Scorn Aesthetics on Limited-Edition Cassette

Kaotoxin Records has announced the release of AD PATRES' monstrous debut full-length, Scorn Aesthetics, as a limited-edition -100 copies only - cassette tape.

Specially mastered at the Ubik studio for this physical support and featuring a bonus track taken from their 2010 promo, the cassette is set for release this quarter. The bonus track, "To the Fathers," is a demo version featuring both Axel Doussaud (the band's current singer) and Julien Lemasson (ex-I.O.S.T., former Ad Patres singer and founding member) on vocals and. Fully remastered, this version of the track differs from the one appearing on the band's promo CD-R and split tape with USA's Writhing; released in 2012 by Nihilistic Holocaust.

Scorn Aesthetics, recorded by Mathieu Pascal of Gorod at the Bud studio and released in September 2012, put AD PATRES on the global metal map. The band was quickly recognized as one of the best Death Metal newcomers with rave reviews and several appearances on year's end 'Best of...' lists: Album of the year at Nihil Verum Nisi Mors; Top Ten at CoreAndCo, 2012 Revelation at Thrashocore, 6th best French Metal album of 2012 at Metal Sickness, several staff picks at VS Webzine, 9/10 by Pest Webzine, The RingMaster Review, The Whiplasher and more.

This third cassette tape release by Kaotoxin marks the starting point of a series of limited edition cassette tape re-releases of all of the label's back-catalog of full-length albums. Expect more in the coming months by the likes of Antropofago, Dehuman, Drawers, Eye Of Solitude, Insain, Nephren-Ka, Nolentia, Savage Annihilation, We All Die (laughing) and more!

Check out the music video [NSFW] for album track "Scars of Compromise" HERE.

For Kaotoxin releases and merch, visit shop.kaotoxin.com.

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Album Review: All You can Eat by STEEL PANTHER

Band: Steel Panther
Album: All You can Eat (Bonus Track Version)
Genre: Glam Metal
Release Date: 1 April 2014
Track List:
1 Pussywhipped
2 Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World
3 Gloryhole 
4 Bukkake Tears
5 Gangbang at the Old Folks Home 
6 Ten Strikes You're Out 
7 The Burden of Being Wonderful 
8 Fucking My Heart in the Ass 
9 B.V.S.
10 You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk
11 If I Was the King
12 She's on the Rag
13 She's on the Rag (Alternate Version)
Before Listening to the Album: Before I do this review I would first like to say that I love this band and everything about them. Based on that this review might be more to the side of liking them. But I will try to go into this album as if I have never heard them before, but that is going to be hard. I can't already see myself listening to this album then comparing it to the last two albums they put out. But I do know one thing, based on the track list, is that I am going to laugh listening to this album.

Review Based on Listening to the Album Once: There is a reason that all ages of metal fans love this band, they have the feel of an 80's band and they have comedy in the songs that everyone can enjoy. If you are a fan of there first two albums then this is a must have. Even fans of just Glam Metal will enjoy it. It reminds me of the sound of the Glam Metal bands in the late 80's to early 90's. This is a well put together album that will give you great laughs and satisfy you musical needs. All-in-all this is a good solid album and is worth your time to to listen to and buy. Even you are still not sure then listen to "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home."

Rating: 9/10

TYRANNY Sign With Dark Descent Records

Finnish Funeral Doom Metal band TYRANNY have signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of the band's long-awaited follow up to 2005's Tides of Awakening. The as-of-yet-untitled album is scheduled for release later this year.

The band comments:
"Stirrings in the xenobathyal abyss, a star has shifted in the black gulfs of space, tectonic grinding releases another upheaval to foreshadow the third emanation of Tyranny - last performances before the release will be witnessed at Roadburn 2014"

TYRANNY will make an appearance at Roadburn Festival 2014, taking place this week (April 10 - 13) in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The band is scheduled to perform on Friday, April 11 at Het Patronaat. For more details, visit www.roadburn.com.

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Album Review: On Earth by JUPITER ZEUS

Band: Jupiter Zeus
Album: On Earth
Genre: Psychedelic Space Doom Rock
Release Date: 11 March 2014
Track List:
1 Waves
2 Over
3 Cosmic Rays
4 I Am
5 Psychotic Seeds
6 Talkback Caller
7 Divinity
8 The Sum Of
9 Co-Creators 
10 Waiting In A Line
11 State Of Mind  
Bio: Tucked away in Perth, Western Australia, Jupiter Zeus are the very definition of a band who seem to have come from nowhere... but their arrival - laden with walls of guitar, hypnotic rhythms and almost psychedelic vocals – is far from quiet. Debuting with the stunning Green Mosquito EP, it’s quite apparent that Jupiter Zeus aren’t exactly first timers. Their previous incarnation, Nebula, boasted a similarly cosmic slant to the heavier side of rock, and the band were pioneering in breaking ground in South East Asia, earning solid fan-bases in Indonesia and Malaysia. With a similarly global scope, but the advantage of experience at their disposal, Jupiter Zeus are looking past the horizon of the Indian Ocean to a big world of endless possibilities.
At its heart, the band’s music is about songs... epic, soaring and teaming with hooks. The decorations they put on these songs – tastes of the last 30 years of rock music – identify and define the band on a more specific, potent level. Atoms of worlds colliding, exploding into new compounds and creating new life. A self-evolving universe of sound. From the stage or simply blasting in your car; the sound of Jupiter Zeus is as monolithic and grand as their namesakes.

Before Listening: First off, before I listened to this album I noticed one thing that stood out and the was the Genre of this album, Psychedelic Space Doom Rock. I don't believe I have ever heard anything that sounded like this genre; so this is something new for me. But other than that I have never listened to this band before, so I could be in for a treat.

Review (Based On Listening to the Album One Time): Well I have to say that I really enjoyed this album. It is something that sounds so unique but not too strange that the average fan won't like it. You can here the Psychedelic and the Doom Rock in the song. This album well be great for Rock fans of theses genres and Metal fans. If you are trying to start to listen to Doom Metal then this would not be a bad album to start with. Overall it is a great album and is worth your time to buy.

Rating: 8/10

Greyhaze Records to Release Sarcófago's Second Album Rotting on Vinyl on May 27

Greyhaze Records has set a release date of May 27, 2014 for the long-awaited vinyl reissue of SARCÓFAGO'S second album, Rotting. Originally released in 1989 via Cogumelo Records, Rotting's devastating output made waves throughout the Metal underground upon its original release. Today, the album still stands as a hallmark of Black/Death Metal.

The 2014 Rotting release has been carefully remastered to ensure optimal sound output, bringing out all details of this savage and utterly classic recording. The vinyl will be housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket, which will feature all the original artwork, including a full-color gatefold insert. Vinyl colors will be classic black and limited green with black smoke. The reissue will resonate with fans of MYSTIFIER, BLACK WITCHERY, BLASPHEMY, and BATHORY.

Rotting will also be honored with the release of several special product offerings, including a CD/DVD Digipak version, the release date for which will be announced soon.

Pre-orders for the vinyl reissue of Rotting are now available at this location.

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POTENTIAL THREAT SF Release Video for "Destroy and Dominate"

Bay Area thrashers POTENTIAL THREAT SF have released the official music video for the song "Destroy and Dominate." The song comes off the band's 2013 release Civilization Under Threat, out now on Old School Metal Records.    

Check out the video for "Destroy and Dominate" HERE.

The video was directed and edited by Mike Sloat. Support crew included Mike Collins and Crow Beerling, as well as lighting provided by Alan Williams and Scotti Holden. Filmed at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, courtesy of Alan Lucchesi.
The follow up to 2009's A New Threat Level, Civilization Under Threat gives a nod to the old school by combining aggressive, commanding vocals with dual guitars and a thundering bottom end. Engineered and mastered by Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament, Heathen) at Trident Studios has given the album delivers a massively heavy quality without being over-produced.

To order, visit: osmrecords.enstore.com/item/potential-threat-sf---cut.  
The album also available on iTunes and will be coming to other digital outlets soon.
Thrash 'til Death!

San Francisco Bay Area thrash bands have long been known for their in-your-face approach to music, and Potential Threat SF are no strangers to that tradition.

Originally formed as a five-piece in 1986, they have shared the stage with everyone from Testament to Slayer to Cro-Mags to Nuclear Assault, and just recently returned from touring with Death Angel. Their hard working, no holds barred attitude carries over to their live shows. Though they put every ounce of grit and determination into their set, they still manage not to sound like angry old fucks. Their mentality is simple - it's just as easy for a band to get the audience involved in their show as it is to be pissed off and push them away. In short, they still have fun and show it on stage and to the fans, regardless of how long they've been playing or how many people are in the attendance.

Their newest offering, Civilization Under Threat (to be released by OSM Records), gives a nod to the old school by combining aggressive, commanding vocals with dual guitars and a thundering bottom end. Engineered and mastered by Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament, Heathen) at Trident Studios has given the album a massively heavy quality without being over-produced.

The band consists of Mike Noble on lead vocals and lead/rhythm guitars, Daniel Sheridan on lead/rhythm guitars, Kenny Noble on drums and Damien Sisson (also in Death Angel) on bass.

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ENTHRALLMENT Release Lyric Video for "Tool of Suicide"

Bulgarian Death Metal vets ENTHRALLMENT have released a lyric video for the song "Tool of Suicide" off the band's recently released The Voice of Human Perversity.

The video is now playing at the link below:

Last month, the folks at PureGrainAudio.com posted a free download of "Tool of Suicide." The MP3 is still available free of charge at this location.

Fans and critics across the globe have latched onto this eight-track monstrosity, with WonderBoxMetal calling the album a "compelling offering that has a timeless quality." The Voice of Human Perversity is out now on Rebirth the Metal Productions in Europe, South America, and North America and on Grindhead Records in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Mastered by James Murphy in Safehouse Productions, the follow up to 2012's
People from the Lands of Vit (United Guttural) raises the bar yet again with ETHRALLMENT's deft blend of U.S. and European Death Metal styles.

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Israel's FERIUM stream debut album Reflections at MetalMouth.net

Israeli metallers FERIUM have unleashed their debut album Reflections this week via Transcend Music. The album is streaming in full exclusively on MetalMouth.net.
Check it out at this location.

The band have also released a narrated video telling the album's story:

The band comments: "We felt like this lyric video story would be the perfect alternative interpretation to our debut "Reflections"because it sets as the mood perfectly for the whole approach that the album takes lyrically and musically. To absorb the full essence of this album, we believe that if you listen to the story and right after to 'Reflections' itself, the maximum impact of the life-story the protagonist has gone through will be crystal clear."

Formed in 2006, FERIUM were initially inspired by Pantera and Lamb Of God but over time influence from the likes of Textures, Gojira, Death and more found its way into their sound. 2009 saw their first EP 'The New Law' which gained the band international recognition, enabling them to play large local events such as Summer Carnage and Hallelujah, but also shows outside of their homeland, including Wacken 2009. 2013 saw the band return to tour Europe/UK supporting The Agonist and Threat Signal.

Featuring cover art by Eliran Kantor ( Hatebreed, Sodom, Atheist), Reflections is the culmination of four years of hardwork, pain, passion, anger and hatred and the results are not for the faint-hearted.

FERIUM will make a return to Europe and the UK later this year. Details to come.

Reflections can be purchased at:
CD: http://transcendmusic.bigcartel.com/
Digital: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reflections/id835603871

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HELSTAR To Headline Warriors Of Metal Fest VII with Special 30-year Anniversary Set

April 7, 2014  Cincinnati, Ohio -- The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is honored to be able to welcome back the Houston, Texas Power/Speed Metal legends of HELSTAR  as the Saturday headliner for our Seventh Annual Warriors Of Metal Fest.

Band vocalist James Rivera states: "Here I go again; round three for me to appear at Warriors of Metal Festival, at its new location O'Sheckys LIVE in Columbus, Ohio!  My first time performing at WOM was when HELSTAR headlined the fest in 2012 along with MANILLA ROAD at its former grounds in Pataskala, Ohio. The band and I had an awesome experience our first time around, we were treated very well by the organizers  Datis & Lea Alaee and their organization and given a warm welcome by the fans. Due to overwhelming popularity in the Midwest U.S. region and with veteran WOM festival goers, I was invited back as the headliner in 2013 to premiere my solo project, JAMES RIVERA. Once again, I received unbelievable treatment and to say the least, I'm always overly flattered by the kindness of everybody involved in WOM. Now I'll be returning for the seventh edition of WOM Fest with HELSTAR headlining on Saturday, June 28th, and there's no better time to have us back. We have a new album coming out on April 29th entitled "This Wicked Nest", which will be on the streets for two months by the time we hit the stage at WOM. I feel it's the strongest HELSTAR record to date and will embrace all HELSTAR fans, old and new, throughout the decades. We even went as far as writing an instrumental to please the neoclassical metal admirers, which features guitarist extraordinaire Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE, SANCTUARY, CONQUERING DYSTOPIA). The most exciting part about the HELSTAR shows in 2014, is not only are we going out in support of our new album and playing many great songs from previous albums, but it also happens to be the 30-Year Anniversary of the release of "Burning Star", our debut album that put the band on the metal map of the world in 1984.  So what we will be doing for all of our shows in 2014 (beginning with our European tour) is supporting "This Wicked Nest" and including a special 30 year salute to the "Burning Star" album. This means we will be playing an extended set with Burning Star songs as our encore.  So for the old school HELSTAR fans, this is a show you will not want to miss! WOM is the first and only confirmed Midwest appearance for HELSTAR so far this year.  Hope to see you all there!"

Check out HELSTAR's "Fall of Dominion" from the forthcoming album This Wicked Nest at this location.

HELSTAR's appearance at Warriors of Metal Fest VII is partially sponsored by the generous donations of: Cecil Grosskopf II from Fort Gratiot, Mich., Craig Winsom from Tucson, Ariz., Scott Landon from Ashtabula, Ohio, Mike Burke from Plymouth, Mich., and Edward J. Schmidt from Cleveland, Ohio

The 7th annual Warriors of Metal Fest will take place June 27 - 28 at O'Shecky's LIVE Bar & Grill in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are on sale & various levels of sponsorship opportunities are now available at the Fest's website at www.warriorsofmetal.org.

Bands confirmed for Pre-Fest Showcase on Thursday, June 26 at O'Sheckeys Live Bar & Grill include:  ETERNAL LEGACY (headliner) AUTOMATON, DEADIRON, LOWER 13, DETHRATS, GRAVE ROBBER, SPLIT THE ABYSS and WINTERHYMN.


Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year's show through the Warrior's of Metal Fest's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/warriorsofmetal

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INVERTIA: Another Scheme of the Wicked Out Tomorrow; Album Streaming Now at New Noise Magazine

Industrialized Black Metallers INVERTIA will release their sophomore album, Another Scheme of the Wicked, tomorrow (April 8) on Ohm Resistance Records.

To mark the occasion, New Noise Magazine is offering fans a chance to preview the release in its entirety in advance of its release. To listen to this exclusive stream of Another Scheme of the Wicked, visit the link below:

The album is available in digital and CD formats at ohmresistance.bandcamp.com.

Another Scheme of the Wicked can also be ordered at the following links:

INVERTIA are the New England duo of guitarist/vocalist Dave Coppola and drummer/programmer Tim Winson. A mirror displaying some of the darkest paradoxes and truly terrifying segments of American society, INVERTIA's music ridicules the hypocrisy of cult-religious fervor with nitroglycerin and napalm shred guitars and psycho-bombastic drum programming.

The follow up album to 2013's self-titled debut, Another Scheme of the Wicked combines a blistering five-track assault with five remixes from musical backgrounds, including Ohm Resistance veterans Justin K. Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU), End.user (THE BLOOD OF HEROES), and Submerged (METHOD OF DEFINANCE, THE BLOOD OF HEROES).
INVERTIA has been described by Metal Army America as a "bastard child of Gorgoroth." One could also view them as a hybrid of SKINNY PUPPY, SUFFOCATON, MERZBOW, and EDWARD SNOWDEN: revealing the truth by demonstrably inflating the cultural lies and political deceit of our times to a soundtrack of black metal dissonance and their infamous programmed "buzz beat." One of the absolute scariest moments ever recorded on Ohm Resistance occurs during the R3TRD remix of "They're Everywhere," with a Pentecostal preacher vampirishly admonishing children to visit with him as he speaks in tongues. Must be heard to be believed - as well as the entirety of Another Scheme of the Wicked.

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HELMSPLITTER: Free MP3 Download at ShakeFire.com

Rock Island, Illinois' HELMSPLITTER have teamed with ShakeFire.com to offer a free download of the song "Aura of Suicide." The song, which comes off the band's Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut Enraptured By Suffering, is available as a free download at:

HELMSPLITTER are a Molotov cocktail of Black Metal, Sludge, Death Metal, Crust Punk, Thrash, Doom Metal and hateful Blues. This is extreme metal that takes you on a musical roller coaster through a world of misanthropy, pain, frustration and despair. Unpredictable, relentless and absurdly heavy, HELMSPLITTER manage to blend various styles together in a seamless, naturally flowing and unforced manner that is uncanny. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Creekmore (BROKEN HOPE, NUM SKULL, LUPARA) and features Blakk (ANGELKILL, MORTUARY OATH, MASKIM) on vocals. Enraptured By Suffering is recommended fans of MORBID ANGEL ANGELCORPSE, GRAVE, DARKTHRONE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, EYEHATEGOD, GOATWHORE, GORGOROTH, and MARDUK, among others.

Enraptured by Suffering is available on digital and CD formats at the following links:
Digital: hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/enraptured-by-suffering
CD: www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd080.html

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