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Metal Video of the Day: Storm Eagle goes Black Metal


Band of the Week: Blackleaf Gardens

Band: Blackleaf Gardens
Genre: Progressive Metal
Year Formed: 2010
Years Active: 2010 - Present
Origin: New Zealand 
Number of Releases: 1 Full-Length, 1 EP
Record Label: Unsigned 

Jess Reeves (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Matt Grossman (Drums)
Bill Rootes (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Michael Gee (Vocals)


ZOM: New Song Streaming at DecibelMagazine.com

Blackened death metal trio ZOM have debuted a new track from their upcoming album, Flesh Assimilation, at DecibelMagazine.com. The song, appropriately titled "Conquest," can be heard at this location.

Flesh Assimilation will be released November 24 in the U.S. via Dark Descent Records on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The album will be released in Europe through Invictus Productions November 30. Artwork for the album comes courtesy of renowned artist Zbyszek Bielak.

Ordering info can be found at www.darkdescentrecords.com 

"Listening to this music is like main-lining adrenaline, setting yourself on fire, and then leaping in front of a rushing freight train." - No Clean Singing  

"ZOM wants to fucking kill somebody!" - Cvlt Nation  

ZOM will tour as main support to Greece's DEAD CONGREGATION to promote Flesh Assimilation in December 2014/January 2015. Confirmed dates are as follows: 

25/12 Hamburg (De)
26/12 Brussels (Be)
27/12 Paris (Fr)
28/12 TBA
29/12 TBA
30/12 TBA
31/12 London (Eng)
01/01 France TBA
02/02 Zurich (Swi)
03/01 Oberhausen (De)
04/01 Berlin (De)
05/01 Copenhagen (Dk)

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New Noise Premieres New Track from Turkey's DECIMATION

Turkish Brutalists DECIMATION have premiered a new track from upcoming Comatose Music release Reign of Ungodly Creation (December 9). Stream "Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation"at http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-stream-decimation-supreme-wisdom-blasphemy-reign-ungodly-creation/

Reign of Ungodly Creation follows the band's 2010 Comatose Music release Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion. During their 15 years of existence, DECIMATION has crafted a very unique and technical style, giving them a distinct sound with an extremely eerie and dissonant aura of brutality. Mind bending riffs with ferocious drumming and guttural vocals collide to bring you this ungodly creation of death metal that is certain to reign supreme in 2014! This CD release includes a 16 page booklet featuring the brilliant artwork of the legendary Dan Seagrave. Mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun.

 Decibel Magazine previously debuted "Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggura," which is exclusively streaming right here. Check out another track from the album at this location.

1. Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised in the Passage of Ninib
2. Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation
3. Mystic Transformation in Encrypted Scrolls of a Grievous Sermon
4. Aberrant Ablution by Filthy Excrements of a Grotesque Crassamentum
5. Psalm Carnage in the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna
6. Ghoulish Requiem for a Macabre Daemonarch
7. Prophetic Despise Under the Pendulum of a Sacrilegious Throne
8. Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggurat
9. Veracity in Relics

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DRAWERS Debut New Video via Decibel Magazine

"Kaotoxin Records and Decibel Magazine have locked horns for the exclusive premiere of the new music video from French Sludge masters DRAWERS. The video for "Shadow Dancers," taken off the band's self-titled second full-length, is now playing at this location.

Out now on Kaotoxin Records, Drawers was recorded live to tape in the studio and delivers plenty of intense, heavy and catchy grooves. The album received massive praise from critics across the globe and is available at the links below:"

Digital preview and purchase: listen.kaotoxin.com.
Digi-CD and merch: shop.kaotoxin.com

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NERVOCHAOS to release The Art of Vengeance December 9 on Greyhaze Records

The Death/Thrash Metal band NERVOCHAOS will be releasing their sixth full-length,
The Art of Vengeance, through Greyhaze Records on December 1 in the UK and December 9 in North America.

"The band's most varied and devastating release to date, The Art of Vengeance blends elements of traditional death, bonecrushing doom, punk and thrash for results that are both destructive and addicting. The first pressing of the album also includes a bonus DVD featuring a documentation of the band's latest tour."

To pre-order The Art of Vengeance, visit the Greyhaze Records Webstore.

The Harvest
For Passion Not Fashion
The Devil's Work
From Below and Not Above
Blood Ritual
Rotten Moralismo
Shadows of Destruction
Ghost of the Past
What is Dead May Never Die
The Legacy is Pain

"Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene, NERVOCHAOS was formed in mid-1996, with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music shredding the barriers of Death Metal and Hardcore. The band gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way. Their demo-tapes have become collector's items in the underground, supporting their regular releases. The band is not afraid of touring or performing live. They did many tours around Europe, South America; and shared the stage with several acts such as VENOM, POSSESSED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, KREATOR, BIOHAZARD, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, DISMEMBER, D.R.I., MAYHEM, THE EXPLOITED and many more to list.  

After 18 years of churning out some of the most furious and vehement metal the South American underground has experienced, NERVOCHAOS is back with The Art of Vengeance. The band's sixth studio album, The Art of Vengeance is poised to be a standout album of 2014."

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ARROGANZ's 'Tod & Teufel' Exclusive Album Stream

Tod & Teufel, the upcoming album from German Death Metallers ARROGANZ, is streaming exclusively at NewNoiseMagazine.com. Stream the album in its entirety at http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-album-stream-arroganz-tod-teufel/ 

Tod & Teufel will be released November 11 on FDA Rekotz. The group's third album is death metal that is catchy and classic, brutal and contemporary all rolled up into one mammoth package of sheer audio bliss. Listeners can expect a harrowing descent into ARROGANZ's morbid underworld. Tod & Teufel was recorded at The Dark Depths of Cottbus Studio, mixed by Timo Rotten (Spitfire Productions), and mastered by Lasse Lammert (LSD Studio). The artwork was created by Misanthropic Art.

The official  video for album track 'Arisen from Failure, Perished as King' can be viewed at this location.

Pre-order info can be found at www.fda-rekotz.com.

01 - i.d.t.n.
02 - One Death
03 - Arisen From Failure Perished As King
04 - Tod & Teufel
05 - Demons Heart
06 - Intoxicate
07 - All Light Is A Lie
08 - Black Aura
09 - Guilty
10 - Alles

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Album Review: Forgotten Tales... EP by Aegror

Band: Aegror
Album: Forgotten Tales... EP
Released: 2013
Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal

Behind Walls
Buried in Oblivion
One to Lead

This band is an unknown band? Well that needs to change!
I love when bands have a nice slow build up in there albums. Just makes me want to keep listening. "Behind Walls" has a nice acoustic intro to the album, followed by a nice slow solo type thing by an electric guitar. To me it sorta has a Ride the Lightening feel to in. Almost makes you forget that you are listening to a Back/Death Metal album. That is until it kicks in. Then you know what you are getting into, fast and heavy Metal. "Buried in Oblivion" fades in that drums and guitars giving you that Black Metal sound. Where that first track gave me more of a Death Metal feel this one gives me a Black Metal feel to it. "Manipulation" has a nice Black Metal build up intro to it. This song has my favorite riffs in the album. "One to Lead" might be my favorite track on the album. It has a solid intro, great riffs and it is a really good mix of the Back/Death Metal sound in the album. The finally track "Prophecy" is another solid Black Metal sounding track.

This album is a good mix of Black and Death Metal. And should be able to please fans of both the genres. The musicianship is great. I just love the guitars in this album. And to vocals sound great. This is album is well mixed and sounds great. I know that a lot of Black Metal albums have low sound quality (coming from some one who doesn't listen to that much Black Metal), but this album sounds great! 

Rating: 8/10

Favorite Songs: ALL

This Whole Megadeth Vs. Metallica Thing

Shadow Kingdom Records Reissuing Manilla Road's 'Out of the Abyss' January 13, 2015

Shadow Kingdom Records will reissue Out of the Abyss, the seventh full-length release from Wichita, KS' MANILLA ROAD on January 13, 2015. Originally released in 1988, Out of the Abyss is an under-appreciated gem, one that guitarist/founder Mark "The Shark" Shelton describes in the reissue's liner notes as containing "some of the most brutal material that MR has ever done. Shelton goes on to say that "it was the last album in an epic quest by Randy, Scott and I to be as fast and furious as possible with some of the songs...and most of the topics were quite dark and based on Cthulhun mythos or other horror and mystery directions."

Shadow Kingdom Records' Tim McGrogan had this to say about Out of the Abyss:

"Most fans think the golden era is Crystal Logic through Mystification, but we encourage fans to spend more time with this album. The first thing that's interesting about this album is that it originally contained one of MANILLA ROAD greatest Epic songs ever, "The Book of Skelos." The song was dropped off of the album for some unknown reason (that would be a good interview question for Mark Shelton), and later appeared on a different pressing of The Courts of Chaos and we're not entirely sure that song even made it to the first pressing of that album either. Strangely enough if you're familiar with that song and can imagine that song being a part of this album, Out of the Abyss would arguably be one of the best MANILLA ROAD albums and would have expanded and been part of what's now considered their classic era. The album is dark, evil, thrash-y heavy metal with some killer KING DIAMOND-esque vocal screams. Without a doubt Out of the Abyss has some of the fastest, most intense Thrash Metal not only on any MANILLA ROAD album, but of any 80's Thrash Metal album."

Out of the Abyss will appeal to fans SLAYER, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, and MERCYFUL

1. Whitechapel
2. Rites of Blood
3. Out of the Abyss
4. Return of the Old Ones
5. Black Cauldron
6. Midnight Meat Train
7. War in Heaven
8. Slaughterhouse
9. Helicon

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ANGUISH's 'Mountain" Album Streaming Exclusively at Sputnik Music

ANGUISH's Mountain is now streaming in its entirety at Sputnik Music. Get Doomed right here: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/blog/2014/11/09/sputnikmusic-exclusive-anguish-mountain-stream/

Aptly titled Mountain, the highly anticipated sophomore release from Sweden's ANGUISH will be unleashed November 12 on Dark Descent Records. The follow-up to 2012's mammoth debut Through the Archdemon's Head sees the band expanding upon their oppressive brand of Doom Metal. Compared to its predecessor, Mountain is stripped down, clocking in at 48 minutes across eight tracks of suffocating dread, yet the compositions are the band's most varied to date.

Pre-order Mountain  here

Makarian Furnace
Stir up the Demon
Master of Peak's Fall
Decomposer of Planets
The Woven Shield

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