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Thursday, March 28, 2019

MUSKET HAWK's Forthcoming Album 'Upside of Sick' Streaming via Decibel!


Upside of Sick, the forthcoming album from Sludge/Grind addicts MUSKET HAWK, is now streaming in its entirety, courtesy of Decibel!

Stream Upside of Sick

MUSKET HAWK will release their long-awaited third album, Upside of Sick, March 29 on Unholy Anarchy Records. Pre-order it at this location.

Continuing to plumb the depths of extremity, MUSKET HAWK seek to annihilate any semblance of tranquility and bruise the psyches of fans and unsuspecting victims alike. Upside of Sick scrapes its way through sludge reverberations, while fomenting chaos through grindcore bursts with a punk aura that is as undeniable as it is palpable.Grab hold of something immovable and hang on for dear life!

"Another gut-slugging batch of bruisers.Upside of Sick is a testament to Musket Hawk’s versatile and ferocious songwriting, and you should jam this sucker NOW."
- Decibel

"Bruising and defiant, fiery and furious, a head-busting, blood-racing tableau of disgust and rage."
- No Clean Singing

"Imagine a drunk Swedish death metal band warming up with some sludge and grind covers. Punishing."
- The Mighty Decibel

"Grab hold of something immovable and hang on for dear life."
- The Sludgelord

"The grooves are only surpassed by the wholly unfettered slop thrash'n'death licks. Brutal and sloppy. Grooving and atonal. Musket Hawk is inescapable."
- Glacially Musical

"They’re just as hard to pin down as ever, and you’ll likely need a few times through the album to truly get a feel for everything that’s happening here. But once that’s happened, there’s something about the heavy grooves and sudden blasts that will give this one some longevity."
- Metal Trenches

"Impossibly heavy, Musket Hawk’s blend of filthy sounding sludge with flashes of grind is like an infection."
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Upside of Sick something I can comprehend just enough to headbang myself into a coma. They show up, destroy, and leave."
- Lair of the Bastard

"Musket Hawk reached for various forms of artistic expression and combined them, recording an intriguing album."
- Death Magnetic

"Intense, aggressive attack. Melt your eardrums!"
- JP's Music Blog

Upside of Sick Track Listing

1. Roidhead Swindler

2. Hexagon

3. Dios Mio

4. Punk Rock Ruined My Life

5. Bad Times

6. Uncouth

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (

Additional recording sessions took place at Electrical Studio in Chicago, Illinois and Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (

Artwork and Layout by G Fry (


Jason - Drums
Marty - Guitars/Vocals
Gary - Vocals/Bass


MUSKET HAWK formed from the ashes of A WARM GUN in 2011. After self-producing a series of demos, the band’s debut full-length The Form of Disgust was released via SMS Records in November 2013. Since then, MUSKET HAWK has released a live demo and a 7” split with Philadelphia’s SUNBURSTER (May 2015, Unholy Anarchy Records).

MUSKET HAWK play a killer live set, sharing the stage with the likes of WINDHAND, CHURCH OF MISERY, NOISEM, MASAKARI and PRIMATIVE MAN, to name a few. The band continues to refine and explore the depths of extreme music, and in conspiracy with Unholy Anarchy Records (Baltimore, MD) and Goodtimes Records (Australia), offer up their long awaited sophomore effort, Desolate.
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