Everything Heavy Metal: New CEREMONY OF SILENCE Album Outis Now Streaming

New CEREMONY OF SILENCE Album Outis Now Streaming

CEREMONY OF SILENCE has unleashed their highly-praised debut album, Outis. Extreme metal hub No Clean Singing teamed up with the Slovakian blackened death metal duo to offer fans a preview of this mind-bender a week ahead of its official release.

Stream Outis in full at www.nocleansinging.com/2019/03/29/an-ncs-album-premiere-and-a-review-ceremony-of-silence-outis/

The music on Outis can be described as death metal with a dissonant, yet atmospheric feel, powered by rapid-fire blast beasts and dizzying tremolo riffs. The lyrics deal with mysticism and death, concepts that carry over into the album’s cover art - a traditional woodblock print designed by the band's drummer, Svjatogor.

Willowtip Records will release Outis on CD Digipack, LP and digital formats on April 5. Preorder info below:
CD & vinyl LP - willowtip.com/store
Digital download - willowtip.bandcamp.com

"If you’re into blackened death metal with some occasional technical flare you’ll love this band."
 - Technical Music Review

"'Invocation Of The Silent Eye' is a pounding masterpiece, roaring and growling with energy and darkness." 
- The Median Man

Outis Track Listing

1. Invocation of the Silent Eye
2. Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
3. Trance of Void
4. Upon the Shores of Death
5. Black Sea of Drought
6. Arising of No Man
7. Into the Obscure Light


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