Everything Heavy Metal: Album Review: Outis by Ceremony of Silence

Album Review: Outis by Ceremony of Silence

Band:Ceremony of Silence
Album: Outis
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 5 April 2019

Track Listing:

01 - Invocation of the Silent Eye
02 - Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
03 - Trance of Void
04 - Upon the Shores of Death
05 - Black Sea of Drought
06 - Arising of No Man
07 - Into the Obscure Light

Going into a Death Metal album I try to go into each one with a open mind. But, were most Death Metal albums fall flat for me is that everyone song starts to sound the same. The album starts off with Invocation of the Silent Eye. I really enjoyed this song as the opener. It sets the tone for the whole album. Most of the time when I am doing one of this reviews I like to keep notes and write down my thoughts about each song. But I was just so busy listening to the songs I just could not stop headbanging and just enjoying a riff that was playing. 

I found the third Song, Trance of Void, to be my favorite song off the album. I do not know why. I think it has a right mixture brutal in your face Metal and just some good riffs that you can air guitar to. And I like it when a Death Metal song give you time to breath then go back into the  brutal.

The one thing that I hate that most that band's put in there albums is pointless, filler songs. When I start the Upon the Shores of Death I was getting ready for this brutal song. But that song never came. This to me is a nothing song. Take it out of the album and nothing will change. It was a 5 minute build up to the next song.

The finally song off this album is a complete barn burner. A really great way to finish that album.

Overall it is a great album. The only part of this I did not like was that nothing song Upon the Shores of Death. But I think a lot of Death Metal fans will enjoy this album. First listen is was a fun experience.

Rating: Get on CD

More Information:

Guitarist Vilozof and drummer Svjatogor – both already deeply-rooted in the Slovakian underground metal scene – formed CEREMONY OF SILENCE in 2015. The duo spent countless hours immersed in free-flowing, improvised jams and writing sessions. Those sessions evolved from a frenzied and spirited expression of the duo’s combined energies to a more focused exploration of the shapeshifting and misted musical horizons in the distance. The result of their journey became the band’s seven-song debut album Outis.

The music itself can be described as death metal with a dissonant, yet atmospheric feel, powered by rapid-fire blast beasts and dizzying tremolo riffs. The lyrics deal with mysticism and death, concepts that carry over into the album’s cover art - a traditional woodblock print designed by Svjatogor.

Outis was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2017 by Miroslav Spevák at SPK Audio (Badin, Slovakia). Lyrics and album art by Svjatogor.



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