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Monday, April 15, 2019

Death/Doom Band KRYPTS Return with Cadaver Circulation


Finland's KRYPTS return to unfurl an aeonic slab of death metal upon your ears. Cadaver Circulation explores immeasurable depths with six intense offerings of misanthropic and doom-laden death metal.

Stream album track "The Reek of Loss" now at this location.

Cadaver Circulation is as unrepentant as the grave in it’s tormented and suffocating aura. From funereal dirges to steamroller bombasts of putrid death and decay, Cadaver Circulation leaves no tomb intact. Reverb drenched atmosphere collides with eerie chords and abysmal vocals to craft one of the most harrowing death metal experiences of the year.

"A journey into cavernous, hellish doom, the songs on "Cadaver Circulation" are beefier, more deathly and more powerful than anything the Finns have released before." - Decibel Magazine

Dark Descent Records will unleash Cadaver Circulation May 31 on digital, CD, vinyl and cassette tape. Pre-order the album at

Track Listing:
1) Sinking Transient Waters
2) The Reek of Loss
3) Echoes Emanate Forms
4) Mycelium
5) Vanishing   
6) Circling the Between

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