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Monday, April 8, 2019

INANIMATE EXISTENCE: California-based Progressive/Tech-Death Trio Premiere "Ocean" At Indy Metal Vault.


California-based progressive/technical death metal trio Inanimate Existence recently announced their upcoming fifth full-length album, Clockwork. The album is set for release on May 10th via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group's highly praised fourth album, Underneath a Melting Sky, which was released in 2017. Active since 2011, the band has yet to slow down in between regular extended touring on a near yearly basis and with four well-received albums released to date already.

Continuing the group's evolution found on 2017's Underneath a Melting Sky, Clockwork delves ever deeper into cerebral progressive death metal depths while buoyed by the group's established penchant for merciless full-throttle brutality and frenetic tech-death driven terrain. The stunning cover artwork for Clockwork was created by Justin Abraham (Equipoise, Oubliette, A Loathing Requiem, Aepoch) and the recording was handled by both the band itself and with usual collaborator Zack Ohren (Fallujah, Continuum, Alterbeast) who mixed and mastered Clockwork at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.

Indy Metal Vault comments on the premiere of  "Ocean"
"The track is especially lenient on the atmospherical presence and harmonies mentioned prior, which serves as a precursor to the technical onslaught on display throughout the rest of the track.  It also features quite a few melodic interludes as well, which are made all the more emotive with the addition of orchestral elements as an additional touch. Essentially, this track is proof of Inanimate Existence’s sonic evolution.  If you’re looking for technically proficient yet beautifully composed Death Metal, look no further."

Pre-orders for Inanimate Existence - Clockwork are now live
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