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Monday, August 12, 2019

Quick Album Review: Sensory Stagnation by RIPPER


Release Date: 30 September 2019
Genre: Thrash Metal
Released By: Unspeakable Axe Records

The Unreal
Sensory Stagnation
Like A Sacrilege
Terror Streets

Do you like it fast and heavy? Then this is the album for you. It has an old school Sepultura feel to it. The biggest stand out to me is the bass is the bassist on this album. I love and album that has good bass work in it. 

I enjoy how the release is not just fast every song. the third song A 'Like A Sacrilege' starts off with a good groove to it then works its way to a slower part right before speeding back up. A real stand out song for me.

The only down side to me is the vocals. I feel like the guitar, bass and drum production was just so good; that they could have had more with the vocals. But I still enjoy the album even tho the vocals was just not for me.

The release comes in around 20 minutes and is worth your time it you are a fan of old school Sepultura. But just like the album was fast so is this review!

Arbitrary Rating: 4/5
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