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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Everyone Remembers their First Metal Album


What was your first Metal album you new start to finish?

Metallica is my favorite band of all time. Yes, you could call me a fan boy, and I would be okay with that. When I was in High School I learned everything that I could about them. I listened to all their songs. They are just great, and I still feel the same way with them today.

But my first album I heard by them wasn't Master of Puppets, Ride, or even the Loads. You could probably tell from the picture on top but it was St. Anger. In fact the first Metallica song that I knew the words from start to finish was Shoot Me Again. That and my brother playing Enter Sandman was the only interactions I had of the band growing up (or the only ones that I could remember).

I am going to go ahead and say it, I love this album. Yes, I know that the songs are too long for their on good. The tuning of the guitars are all over the place. The lyrics aren't the band's best. The lack of solos. And those damn drums! What an awful sound. But even though I know everything wrong with the album I still love it.

The album is still heavy. Sure it is not the typical Metallica. But really a lot of people think that Metallica has not been the same since Kill 'Em All. 

This is the era of Metallica that I grew up with. I was not born with Kill, Ride, Master, Justice, or the Black album came out. I was old enough to listen to the Load, Reload albums. When I started listening to music I enjoyed this album and Kiss me Deadly by Lita Ford.

I enjoyed watching Some Kind of Monster, and reading the book about the director making that movie. This is the Metallica that I grew up with.

My absolute favorite growing up was Shoot me Again:


But now my favorite has to be a tie between All Within My Hands:

And Dirty Window:

I am not saying that this is my favorite Metallica album. Nor am I am saying that this album is good. But it was my first Metal album that I knew from start to finish. It got me into Metallica. And it got me into Metal music. If not for that album I would not be the huge Metalhead that I am now.

Oh, have you listened to the radio edit to Some Kind of Monster? If you haven't you should. It doesn't add a solo but it makes the drums just sound so much better and it shortens the song. Check it out!

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