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Friday, November 22, 2019

Long songs: Full of epicness or pointless filler?


The longer the better?

I just got done reviewing an album were it only had two songs. One of them was about 25 minutes and the other was 34 minutes. And this got me thinking about other long songs in Metal. And why I mostly do not like them.

Note: I know Dream Theater has a lot of long song. I am keeping to just my favorite long songs. And the songs have to be over 10 minutes long.

The first song that comes to mind is Octavarium by Dream Theater. This was the first longer song I ever listened to (Dream Theater being the first Progressive band I listened to). And I remember enjoying the song so much... And I still do. It is one of my favorite Dream Theater songs. This is my standard for every long Metal song that I listen to. And I know it is not fair. But this song keeps my attention the whole time if I really want to listen to it; but at the same time I can just have it playing in the background. If you haven't listen to this song before then what are you waiting for?

Side Note: Believe or not but you can find this song on most jukeboxes and you pay the same amount for a normal length song.

The next song that comes to my mind it Lochness by Judas Priest. Compared it Octavarium it is a shorter song. Only lasting 13 minutes. But I remember my first listen to this album I did not like this song at all. But listening to again I really enjoy it. Judas Priest is not really know for making long songs. So it is pretty awesome for them to release this song. But after listening to this song it is giving me some real Nostradamus vibes. Am I the only one that hear it?

Iron Maiden's Rime of the Ancient Mariner coming in at 13 minutes. In high school my teacher played this song when you were going over the poem (He was a little bit of a Metalhead). I really enjoy this song until the 5 minute mark when it just really slows down. It was such a turn off for me that I never even made it to were it picks up again. And I still stand by that I do not like the 7 minute to about 8 minute mark. But when I was younger that minute just felt soooooo long! But I enjoy this song no more than I ever did.

This song just made the cut coming in at 10 minutes 9 seconds is Machine Head's Clenching the fist of Dissent. First off I love The Blackening. Every song on this album is amazing to me. This song has a way to keep my attention the whole time. When it is playing I can not do anything else by listen and Handbang. Love it!

Let's go with something new with this song. 7empest by TOOL. This is a 15 minute song. I believe that this song has a lot of filler to it. But I still think that it is a well made song. It has my attention at parts, just not the full song. But it is my favorite song off the album. I feel like it could have been shorter. Thoughts?

The last song I am going to write about it Shogun by Trivium. The song comes in at 11 minutes. Even tho it is on my favorite album by Trivium and I love every song on this album this is my least favorite song on the album. I feel like it would have been better off as an instrumental.

So I was googling "Long Metal Song" to find more songs to write about and I found this article on It is about the 20 longest metal songs. The first song on there is Victim One: Agony by Vonn. The song comes in at 74 minutes and 4 seconds. What the Hell? I believe I am going to skip listening to this song. But tell me what you think. Here is the link:

What is the longest song you ever listened to? Did you like it or did you hate it?
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