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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Mental Health and Metal Part 1: Trivium


A look into Trivium's Music

I am someone that had and still has problems with Mental Health; as I am sure a lot people are. This is my attempt to show someone that they are not alone. I want to bring up a different band each week and talk about some views about mental health. This week is going to be Trivium.

As I am Exploding

I really like the pre-chorus in this song:

"I can't stand this suffering anymore
Why won't it end?
No one hears me, no one sees this war
Raging in me"

I feel like a lot of people can relate to this. Why wont the suffering of like end. Why can't this pain just end? Why does no one see that I am hurting? Or this anger that I have? 

Well, maybe you have not asked for help? It took a lot of me to find the help I needed; asking for help was that hardest thing that I had to do. But in my case I knew that I needed help but I could not ask.

"Life can't keep going on this way
I feel I'm lost inside my hate
My thoughts overtake me
They're killing me faster with each passing day"

Thoughts are a lot of people down fall. I know that my thoughts were. Each passing day that you do not get help it will be making it worse and they pain could make you fill like you are dying. Life cant keep going that way.

The Darkness of my Mind

Lose can be a strong thing. You lost someone that you love and you do not know how to keep moving on. I feel like everyone has their own way to grief the lose of a love one. Some people take longer than others. And there is the problem. If you grief too long then you are told that you need to just move on. But sometimes it is not that easy. 

Lucky I have not had to deal with that kind a lose when I am just broken. But I know people that have and I can say that they will never be the same.

Through Blood and Dirt and Bone

The intro to this song is totally how I felt. "Die young and save yourself; Life is only replaced by Hell." I felt like my life was Hell. My depression was killing me. But I never really listened to the rest of the song because the intro just hit my so hard. I feel like the song it talking about the person pain but also bringing down others with him. And if I was able to listen to that I would have seen how I brought others down with me.

My depression was not only effecting me but everyone else around me. I was being really selfish because I did not get the help I need. It was hurt my relationships with my friend and family. 

The Wretchedness Inside

Finishing with this one. Have you ever been in a awful situation? Have you ever been in a bad situation and knew it and were not willing to make the effort to get out of it? That is what I feel like that song is relaying. I feel like that could be what a lot of people are going through. Having mental problems, knowing it, and not getting the help that they need to get better. Are you one of those people?

Listen I am no expert on mental health I can only talk about it from my point of view. Getting help was the best thing that I could do. And be open about my problems. Telling someone that you have mental problems is tough. We live in a world that if you tell someone that you have mental problems you will lose friends and people wont talk to you anymore because they will think you are crazy. But maybe you risk losing the people that will leave you because of that?  

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