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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Revisiting Behind the Blackest Tears by Kingdom of Sorrow


Do I still love this album like I use to?

Released Date: June 8, 2010
Genre: Sludge Metal

Enlightened to Extinction
God's Law in the Devil's Land
Monuments of Ash
Behind the Blackest Tears
Envision the Divide
From Heroes to Dust
Along the Path to Ruin
With Barely a Breath
The Death We Owe
Sleeping Beast
Torchlight Procession
Salvation Denied 

This was one of my first album review that I did on this website. You can see the original review at this location if you would like to see how I original felt about this album.

Lets set how I found this album really quick. It was Summer 2010. One my friends and I was walking around the mall. I wanted to go into FYE. They hand a huge Metal section. I wanted to find something different. I just sorta starting heavy music. (Keep in mind the heaviest stuff I was listening to at the time was Five Finger Death Punch and a very small amount of Trivium). Then I saw this album just sitting there; not even in the right section. I grab it and I told my friend that I found what I wanted. Put it in the CD player in my car. And I did not like it.

It took me a couple listens before I started to really love. And then seeing the band live really help push me more into to like this album. But I have not listen to the full album in so long. Will I still feel the same way listening to this album from start to finish? YES!

From start to finish I enjoy this album. Just listen to the intro Enlightened to Extinction

It is one of my favorite intro to a song ever! Just so bad-ass. And it is the main reason I would keep coming back to the album when I wasn't feeling the album at all.

Then after that song it goes into another great intro to a song with God's Law in the Devil's Land:

To me this is the best song that uses both singers Kirk Windstein and James Jasta. 

But let me tell you about how the album ends. It ends with three on my favorite songs, Sleeping Beast, Torchlight Procession and Salvation Denied. Sleeping Beast and Salvation Denied a just barn-burners. With Torchlight Procession being a good break up between those two songs. But if you started listening to this album and you are not digging the first two song then skip all the way to these last three songs and many they will change you mind.

But overall my feeling have not changed about this album. I still remember every word and note. In how people listen to music, if the first couple song do not hit with a listener then they will most likely skip the album. I did not what to skip the album; even tho I have listened to it hundreds of times before. I will most likely give the album a couple more listens before I move to something else.

What do you think about this album? Check it out below!

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