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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Should Bands Do Farewell Tours?


With Motley Crue just announcing that they will be doing a tour with Def Leppard  and Poison next year. Got me thinking... how many bands have done a farewell tour then decided to do the waited to do another tour and what may have been the reason. This happens just as much as you think it might.

I noticed that farewell tour have become more and more like a joke around fans. Many because it seems like band are just using this to sell tickets. It has only been about four years since Motley Crue did their Farewell tour. But what is the reason for them coming back together, Didn't they hate each other or something?

Well, this can mostly come down to the movie that the band released not too long ago. The Dirt (The name of the movie) has brought Motley Crue back into the limelight. Probably gave them a whole bunch of new fans and most likely made them a lot of money. And I am guessing that they wanted to make more money on top of that. I am pretty sure the money drives almost any band to come back together.

KISS also had a Farewell tour back in 2000. Having this be the band's 'Farewell Tour' made it way more successful than the band's Psycho Circus Tour that started in 1998. Also since then the band has released two albums and went on tour again in 2003 with the World Domination Tour. But you could make the argument that this was a farewell tour for the original members of KISS; who I do not believe have tour together since then but I could be wrong.

The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, has done the same thing. In 1992 he went on his first No More Tours farewell tour. With him doing the No More Tours 2 right now. But he did state that he will still most likely do more shows in the future just not as much touring. But since his' No More Tours (1992) he as released five studio albums; soon to release the sixth in 2020. And also eight different tours. But the tour after his first No More Tours did have a great name Retirement Sucks Tour.

Judas Priest with their Epitaph tour was going to be the band's last tour. But half way into the tour the changed their minds. Reason being is Richie Faulkner; the guitarist who replaced K.K. Downing. The band stated that Richie energized the band and made them want to continue making music and touring. Since this tour the have released two albums and most likely a third album will be coming out.

Now Slayer is doing a farewell tour, which seems like it has been going on forever! But the manger, I believe, stated that this wont be the end for Slayer. What do you think?

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